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(Rotators Not Listed)


IPA's and Pale Ales

Pale - MadeWest – Pale Ale

Citra- El Segundo–Pale Ale

Shatter Cone-Seismic - IPA

Citraholic– Beachwood - IPA

BooKoo- Mother Earth– IPA

Hazy IPA – MadeWest –PA

Hop Tonic – Smog City – IPA

Orange You Different– Artifex– Hazy IPA


Not IPA's or Pale Ales

Dark Star - Fremont - BBA Stout

El Sully -Mexican style lager

White- Allagash Brewing – Belgian-Style Wheat

Foam Top Blonde- Beachwood - Blonde Ale

Bavik- De Brabandere –Belgian Style Pilsner 

 Bright Cider - 2 Towns Cider– Cider (GF)

Chronic - Pizza Port – Amber

Barney Flats - Anderson Valley- Oatmeal Stout

Heavenly Hefe - Craftsman - Hefeweizen






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